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Who is Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Anasuya Sengupta FSalinks

People in India have always been interested in the Cannes Film Festival. People worldwide have always found something fun to do at Cannes, whether it’s watching a wide range of films on the big screen or watching famous people walk the red carpet and show off their best clothes. Fans of the event now have another reason to celebrate: actress Anasuya Sengupta made history by getting the Un Certain Regard Best Actress award at The French Riviera. Learn more about Anasuya Sengupta to find out who she is, how she got to Cannes 2024, and her starring career.

Anasuya Sengupta Cannes

The web says Sengupta was born to a Bengali family in Kolkata, West Bengal. She graduated from Jadavpur University with a Bachelor of Arts in English writing, but she wanted to become a journalist.

Anasuya sengupta Carrer

At first, the actress, who made history by becoming the first Indian actor to win Best Actress at Cannes, had no plans to become an actress. Instead, she had planned to learn more about herself by writing. But as she went into the movie business, fate had other ideas. She started as a supporting actress in Madly Bangalee, directed by Anjan Dutta and released in 2009.

anasuya sengupta

Before she decided to move to Mumbai in 2013, Anasuya worked in theater for a short time. At that point, she started working as a set artist, making backgrounds for different projects. She used her imagination, ideas, and skills to build sets and plan productions for movies and web series like Masaba Masaba on Netflix. This gave her a close look at the business.

anasuya sengupta

Anasuya did her daily work, but she didn’t feel very satisfied with it. Artistically, the set designer felt like she couldn’t say what she wanted to say. She also took a chance and moved to Goa at one point.

Anasuya Sengupta best actress cannes

An accident led to Anasuya getting the part of Renuka from The Shameless. In her interview, the young actor said that Bojanov, a Facebook friend, asked her to try out for a part in his Hindi film. She was flattered by the offer. In an interview with the Festival du Cannes, the Bulgarian director of The Shameless said that he knew she was the right person from the first shot. He is now looking for someone like her to cast in his next project. This is what Anasuya wrote in one of her Instagram posts:

The shameless

“Konstantin wrote to me in June 2020 to say he wanted to see me try out for a lead role in his upcoming movie, The Shameless.” My first thought was, “Why?”

Anasuya and Omara Shetty were both in the movie The Shameless. It’s a noir story set in the Devdasi system, which has been around for hundreds of years. The actress won Best Actress at Cannes 2024 in the Un Certain Regard area. The movie has not yet come out in India. When Anasuya got the award, she gave it to the LGBTQ community and other underrepresented groups around the world. Variety reported that the actress said, “You don’t have to be gay to fight for equality, and you don’t have to be colonized to know that colonization is pathetic. We just need to be very, very good people.” It was first shown at Cannes on May 17, 2024.

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The shameless 2024

The Shameless, directed by Konstantin Bojanov, is a cinematic gem that is still waiting to be shown in India. Renuka, portrayed by Anasuya, kills a police officer and then flees from a Delhi brothel; this is the plot of the film. Devika, a young girl who Renuka falls in love with, is played by Omara Shetty in the movie.


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