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‘War Of The Popcorn Bucket Begin’: Deadpool And Wolverine Popcorn Buckets Get Fans Excited For Upcoming Marvel Movie FSalinks

Ryan Reynolds took to his X account to make an announcement about the new popcorn bucket dropped by the makers of Deadpool and Wolverine. The container is in the shape of Hugh Jackman’s character from the film. While the concept of customized popcorn buckets began as a marketing strategy for Dune 2, it continues for the Marvel movie, too. 

As for the caption, Reynolds wrote, “Years from now, they will look back at 2024 as when the War of the Popcorn Buckets began.”

Fans react to the new Wolverine popcorn bucket

Soon after the actor put up the announcement of a new popcorn bucket entering the market, the fans of Deadpool got too excited and couldn’t stop themselves from reacting to the concept. One of the users shared, “LOL I was anticipating the butter and there it came. Thats hilarious.” Another user wrote, “Wade has officially secured the crown for best popcorn bucket ever.”

Meanwhile, Jackman, too, took to his Instagram to post the bucket, soon after which the comments started pouring in. An Instagram user thought, “The Wolverine fan’s going to love this popcorn bucket,” While the other one shared, “Damn… This is hotter than the Dune one.”


Last month at the Cinema Con, popcorn buckets were quite hyped up, after which the Marvel president, Kevin Feige, gave his word that Deadpool, too, will come up with its own design for the theaters and fans.


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What will Deadpool and Wolverine be about?

Deadpool and Wolverine will see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman reunite to fight evil. As per the film’s official synopsis, “Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he crosses paths with the loudmouth, Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy.” The movie is directed by Shawn Levy, one of the producers on board. Additionally, Reynolds and Jackman will also co-produce the film. 

Ahead of its release, the Marvel movie has broken records for first-day advance booking. The chief of AMC Theaters, Adam Aron, claimed, “Some 200,000 movie fans have bought their AMC tickets already. This is more Day 1 ticket sales at AMC than for any other R-rated movie ever.”

The first teaser of the film was released during the Super Bowl game, and since its announcement, Marvel fans have been waiting to witness the magic unravel on the big screens. 

Deadpool and Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26.


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