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TR3N Director Remains Tight-Lipped Weeks After Principal Photography Wraps FSalinks


  • TR3N’s
    Joachim Rønning says, “I can’t tell you anything, basically,” about the upcoming science fiction sequel.
  • The director remains tight-lipped about
    Tron 3
    details, but he also says, “I’m looking forward to speaking with you about Tron when I can.”
  • The one thing Rønning did tease about
    Tron: Ares
    is the film’s incredible special effects, and that watching the new entry in the franchise won’t require moviegoers to see either
    (1982) or
    Tron: Legacy

Rev up the Light Cycles and prepare for more action-packed madness on The Grid, as the fight for the users continues, because TR3N is little more than a year away from hitting theaters. While promoting his new biopic Young Woman and the Sea, which stars Daisy Ridley, director Joachim Rønning reiterates that principal photography on the Jared Leto-led Tron: Ares had been completed. But when it comes to spilling any beans regarding Tron 3 spoilers, the filmmaker simply said: “I can’t tell you anything, basically.”

In fact, filming on Tron 3 wrapped two weeks ago, as reported by MovieWeb. However, during this new sit-down, Rønning didn’t have much information to offer the fandom. Quite the opposite, actually: The director was very tight-lipped and refused to let anything juicy slip about the sequel. Rønning said in an interview with GamesRadar+:

“Well, what I can tell you –
I can’t tell you anything,
We wrapped two weeks ago on principal photography,
so I’ve basically been inside the computer for a year. And then [I] come out here and talk to you.
And [I’ll] be out on the ocean with Trudy [Ridley’s character in
Young Woman and the Sea
] for a couple of weeks, before going back into editing and back onto The Grid.

Tron: Ares

Release Date

Paradox, Walt Disney Pictures

Rønning is excited about discussing TR3N, though. He just won’t give away any details yet. The director added:

And as a filmmaker, it’s just such a blessing to be able to move between so vastly different worlds. And I’m looking forward to speaking with you about Tron when I can.

Do Fans Need to See the Other Entries to Enjoy TR3N?

TR3N wrapped principal photography back on May 6, and the sequel will mark Rønning’s first time helming one of Disney’s Tron entries. The original TRON (1982) was directed by Steven Lisberger while its sequel, Tron: Legacy (2010) was led by Joseph Kosinski. And by the time Ares hits theaters in the fall of 2025, it will have been nearly 15 years since fans last saw The Grid brought to life on the Silver Screen.

However, when asked if moviegoers would need to have seen either TRON or Tron: Legacy to enjoy the upcoming science fiction fantasy, Rønning assured everyone that Tron: Ares doesn’t come with any required reading, viewing or research. Rønning said in an interview with Collider:

I don’t think so. It doesn’t hurt to be a part of the universe, you know? Jeff Bridges is back. I’ve done a couple of sequels, but I still look at them as individual movies. And I think this is too. Very much so.


Jeff Bridges Returns to The Grid in New Tron 3 Set Image

Coming quickly following the confirmation that Jeff Bridges will return in Tron: Ares, the actor has now been spotted on set.

As alluded to by Rønning, Jeff Bridges does return in TR3N after having played both Kevin Flynn and Clu in TRON and Tron: Legacy. Now, while Bridges might have been a little disappointed by how he was portrayed on-screen by the de-aging process during Legacy, one thing Rønning does reveal about Ares is that the film will include incredible special effects. Rønning said in the same interview:

It’s such a big part of the franchise, to use cutting-edge technology to make the film. So that was very inspiring for us as well. We’ve used new technology in every way that I will talk about after a year in editing.

Tron: Ares
hits theaters on October 10, 2025.

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