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The Marvels’ Brie Larson Reveals the Unglamorous Yet Essential Aspect of Playing a Superhero in MCU FSalinks


  • Brie Larson shares insights on portraying Captain Marvel, emphasizing the challenges of the role beyond just acting on screen.
  • Train rigorously for superhero roles, understanding the physical demands and preparation needed to wear the iconic costumes.
  • Despite initial hesitations, Larson embraced the role of Captain Marvel, leading to significant success and impact in the superhero genre.

Brie Larson, better known as Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe shared her insights about the complexities and demands of portraying a superhero, pointing out the often-overlooked mix of physical preparation and practical challenges.

During an interview at The Hollywood Reporter’s drama actress roundtable, Larson shared her experiences and unique perspective gained from years of portraying one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. Her role extends beyond the screen, as she often finds herself advising new actors stepping into the superhero genre.

Always. I’m the first person to email everybody because it’s very specific and very strange. People are like, ‘I don’t know how to do this.’ Yeah, no one does. Why would you?

Larson stresses the importance of rigorous physical training for anyone aspiring to don a superhero suit. This preparation is not just about achieving the right look but also about enduring the physical demands of the role. Moreover, Larson highlights a less glamorous but critical aspect of the job: the logistics of wearing a superhero costume.

“I’ll say, ‘Train, because you’ll want to be as prepared in your body as you possibly can because it only gets harder as the job goes on. And, really understand how to be able to go to the bathroom in your suit.’ The first Captain Marvel, it was a 45-minute thing to get me in and out of that costume.”

The path to becoming Captain Marvel was not straightforward for Larson. Despite her previous roles and her early start in acting as a child, she was initially hesitant to join the Marvel family. The pressure of such a high-profile role and the fear of a new level of public scrutiny were daunting. However, her decision to embrace the role was driven by the opportunity to portray a leading female superhero and the potential for significant impact, both of which have been realized with Captain Marvel’s success.

Captain Marvel

Release Date
March 6, 2019


Marvel Studios

Higher. Further. Faster.


Larson’s journey through multiple blockbuster hits, including the billion-dollar grossing Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, illustrates the transformative power of these roles. Not only do they challenge the actors physically and emotionally, but they also offer a unique platform to inspire and appeal to audiences worldwide.

Brie Larson and The Marvels Faced a Chilly Reception

Brie Larson’s recent MCU film The Marvels became notable not for reasons of box office hit but rather the opposite. Following her acclaimed debut in Captain Marvel, Larson faced a different reception with the sequel, which came out as the MCU’s least financially successful film to date.

The Marvels reunites Larson with fellow Marvel characters Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris, and Kamala Khan, portrayed by Iman Vellani. The plot thickens around a mysterious wormhole that causes the trio to inadvertently swap powers, adding an element of intrigue and comic confusion to their adventure. Despite the creative storyline, the film struggled to appeal to fans, garnering mixed reactions across the board.


The Marvels: Where Could We See the Characters Next?

After their titular movie, where could The Marvels end up next?

Despite achieving massive success with her initial film into the superhero world, Larson has faced a barrage of critical comments on social media that reportedly left her questioning her continuation in the role. However, there are reports from The Cosmic Circus, Marvel’s creative teams are exploring various narratives that could see Larson’s Danvers continue to evolve within the MCU narrative.

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