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Sunset Drive Short Film Review Fsalinks

Sunset Drive tells the story of a couple at the height of a blazing argument, fuelled by anger and emotion. The couple attempt to diffuse the situation by going on a drive together. This film is a true representation of couples in a long-term relationship trying to make it through and get over a rocky patch. Many couples have been in a similar situation, an argument becomes heated, and you end up in a screaming rage becoming emotionally exhausted from the entire ordeal. There is an unspoken truce between you and your partner as you both seek some form of release or a way to break away from the anger. This is when a drive can be seen as beneficial, so you can begin to shut off your mind as well as kick start communication again.

The film begins amid the argument, the body language and silence between the two is overpowering and completely dominates the scene. There is clear tension that fills the air and a stubbornness on both sides that has come to a complete head. It is Rowan that breaks the tension by asking Eloise to go on a drive with him. The characters have an obvious connection between the two, even behind the anger, there is a strong love there. They were a perfect match for this short film, and I think what is key to portraying a relationship such as this is the passion between the pair. They had that spark which draws them together but also can be seen as a recipe for disaster, as couples that love with passion can also fight with passion.

What was interesting about this short was the mixture of dream like scenes interspersed with reality. Sunset Drive plays out some of the thoughts of the couple, showing the audience what they both personally would like the outcome of the argument to be. For example, to have Rowan hold Eloise’s hand and for Eloise to reach out and brush away Rowan’s hair from his face. They both crave affection from one another but are too stubborn to share this.

The scenes were not clear as to whether these moments were a dream, flashbacks, or a mixture of the two. As a viewer, it can be interpreted as this is how the couple would have behaved early on in their relationship. This was a perfect way to add depth to the film, as it highlights the different layers within their relationship and in turn created some moving scenes. This showed the audience the loving elements which hold the couple together, and made for a compelling watch.

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