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Sony Boss Explains How The Studio Plans On Using AI And Why FSalinks

The future of artificial intelligence in cinema is something that has been a hot topic within the industry, especially recently. Hollywood just endured the 2023 WGA writers strike and SAG-AFTRA actors strike, where a big part of both fights involved calls for protection in the age of AI. Despite writers and actors claiming their victory over studios with a solid new contract, Sony’s boss just spoke out about how the major studio plans to implement AI in their filmmaking going forward. Let’s break it down: 

When Sony Pictures’ CEO Tony Vinciquerra appeared at an investor conference in Japan on Thursday (via IndieWire), he spoke about the studio’s agenda to implement AI. In his words: 

We are very focused on AI. The biggest problem with making films today is the expense. We will be looking at ways to…produce both films for theaters and television in a more efficient way, using AI primarily.

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