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Shelter Season 2: Harlan Coben Addresses Sequel Renewal Status; Deets Here FSalinks

Despite the shocking finale of Harlan Coben’s Shelter just a few weeks ago, fans are already eagerly anticipating news about a potential second season on Prime Video. This episode, called Found, ended in suspense. 

By using hints from Bat Lady (Tovah Feldshuh), the teenage protagonist Mickey Bolitar (played by Jaden Michael) got to know that his father Brad (Kristoffer Polaha) who died was actually alive as per what she had been hearing for real. 

The last scene of the series featured Mickey and his friends opening a soundproof room beneath Bat Lady’s house where they found him alive. At the same time, her aunt Shira (Constance Zimmer) received a startling surprise at her brother’s open casket which indicates that it might not have been her brother inside.

Such an abrupt ending has left the fans with various questions and yearning for more episodes to explain those mysteries.

Harlan Coben’s perspective on season 2

On alone, Harlan Coben- the show creator and author spoke about what season 2 could entail. As much as there are no concrete plans regarding renewal, he added that he has many thoughts for upcoming episodes.


Moreover, Coben expressed his enthusiasm to explore Shelter more deeply. “You’d want to know where Mickey goes from here, where other characters go from here. It’s a really rich world,” he said. He alluded that Spoon and Ema should be looked into further; additionally, some secrets about Abeona and Bat Lady’s operations may be uncovered.

Additionally, Coben pointed out how the series strikes an unusual balance between high-stakes melodrama and regular high school experience. He said, “I still want to keep the uneven balance, I kind of loved the idea [of] what we were trying to do a little bit is … episode 7, they’re doing things that are dramatic and people are dying and there’s real stakes but they still have to play high school basketball, they still have to do the cheer routine, they still have to do the regular stuff.”

Shelter Season 2 Status (PC: Instagram)

Transitioning books into TV shows

Some readers of Mickey Bolitar novels realized that certain parts of the books were changed during the adaptation process for TV screens just like with most screenplays. Elucidating this creative decision-making by comparing it against the books, Coben mentioned that while Shelter, Seconds Away and Found are what the series was based on, it had aspects from all three of them to keep it more interesting.

“In the book series, Mickey doesn’t find his father until book three and I decided right away – Charlotte [Coben] and I discussed this – you can’t make people wait three seasons and keep the guy hidden for three seasons.” according to Coben. 

Also, he noted that at once the show answered three central mysteries: is Mickey’s father alive? Where is Ashley? And what became of young Dylan Shakes back in the 90s?

Shelter Season 2 Status (PC: Instagram)

Future plans for Shelter

Despite answering many questions, Shelter also raised new ones, making sure that viewers are still interested in its characters and plotlines.

As for now, we don’t know if there will be a season 2 of Shelter. However, Kasselton NJ where Mickey Bolitar and his friends come from surely has much more to offer. Fans can only wish that the story continues on their screens soon.

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