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Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott shine in Love Drama Fsalinks

In the second episode of 2024, film podcast show Gay, Actually, hosted by Amber and Joyce and part of the UK Film Review Podcast, covered the December 2023 release All of Us Strangers starring Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal.

Film Podcast: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott shine in Love Drama
Film Podcast: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott shine in Love Drama

All of Us Strangers is about Adam (Andrew Scott) being alone. A writer living in a London high rise that’s still under construction, his solitary days bleed into his solitary nights, 80s hits on video and vinyl his main companions.

Adam is trying to write about his parents, so he decides to leave his flat, take a train, and revisit his old neighborhood. And soon his solitary days turn into afternoons spent with his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) and nights spent with his only neighbor, Harry (Paul Mescal).

What follows is a beautiful, melancholy meditation on reconciling your love for someone who has failed you, recognizing their love for you and their failure.

(above from Hope Madden’s review of the film)

In the episode, the Gay, Actually hosts explore the various themes of the film such as loneliness, dealing with sexuality, grief and more. They passionately discuss the meaning behind the film and the terrific performances by Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal.

You can listen to the full film podcast episode below:

“Adam is so unreliable you don’t know if Harry is a character he is writing…We don’t know what we are watching.”

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