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One Piece Season 2 Might Be Introducing Another Straw Hat Pirate Way Ahead Of Schedule, And I’m Stoked FSalinks

One Piece Season 2 is on the way to those with a Netflix subscription, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Beyond the fact we’re seeing one of best shows on Netflix return, some exciting new characters will appear in Season 2 to add on to the Straw Hat pirate crew. With that said, it seems like Tony Tony Chopper might not be the only Straw Hat to join the crew in the near future, as a new photo raises some questions about what’s ahead.

The Straw Hat Pirates are the core group captained by Luffy in One Piece, but as those who have watched the anime will confirm, it takes a long time for him to get the entire crew together. Here’s what we know about one character potentially joining the One Piece cast early, and how it could be a sign the series is propelling fans forward into some of the cast’s favorite arcs sooner than expected.

The Rumbar Pirates Ship Appears Was Spotted On The Set Of Season 2

A photo of a ship hanging out at Cape Town Film Studios was shared online (via @OP_Netflix_Fan), and the masthead on it looks strikingly similar to the ship used by the Rumbar Pirates, who play a minor part in the story early on. Those who have watched the One Piece anime might remember the Rumbar Pirates have a very small scene centered around the whale Laboon that lines up with the period of time the second season of the live-action One Piece is expected to cover. With that said, it’s not a massive scene in the manga or anime, and certainly not one that justifies building the entire ship if it won’t be put to use.

(Image credit: Toei Animation)

Could Brook Be Joining The Straw Hats Earlier Than Expected?ย 

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