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Netflix’s Buying London Has Been Described as the ‘Most Hateable’ Show on TV FSalinks


  • Buying London
    , a recent British reality series, faces backlash for its lack of originality and over-scripted portrayal of wealth.
  • Viewers criticized the show for not adhering to its premise and being an unoriginal replica of
    Selling Sunset
  • The series is seen as out of touch with reality, flaunting extreme wealth during a time of economic hardship for many UK residents.

Netflix‘s extremely successful Selling Sunset was recently given a British counterpart in the form of Buying London. The new series, which made its debut on May 22, 2024, bears many similarities to Selling Sunset. Much like the premise of the US version, Buying London also focuses on a group of luxury real estate agents led by Daniel Daggers, who sell houses in the city’s most expensive areas to the wealthiest of the wealthy.

While Selling Sunset proved extremely successful for Netflix, with the series being renewed for an eighth season, Buying London faces a tougher time with viewers. The show is being slammed with a plethora of negative reviews. Much of the criticism stems from the tone-deaf nature of the series and the over-the-top portrayal of wealth. The show is also being knocked for being over-scripted compared to other reality shows. The crusade against Buying London was initially led by The Guardian‘s Rebecca Nicholson, who penned a scathing review of the series. Since then, many viewers have jumped on the anti-Buying London bandwagon and taken to social media to express their opinions.

Buying London Sees a Lack of Authenticity in the Series

Buying London has attracted a fair share of negativity due to its lack of originality. While the series is certainly not the first reality TV show to be criticized for being scripted, Buying London is being slammed much more than usual. Audiences have called the series out for not adhering to its premise of being a ‘reality show’ and having a less-than-stellar cast. Reddit user @Immediate_Actuary852 expressed their opinion, stating:

Am I the only one who can tell this is a scripted show with terrible wanna be actors? The feuds, jealousy, gossip, backstabbing and extra marital affairs and flirtations were already showcased on Selling Sunset and Selling the OC. I would have appreciated the effort to bring a realty show featuring beautiful London and it’s real estate without the fakeness. That’s just my opinion.

The series has also been called out for being a mere replica of the US-based Selling Sunset series, with no originality distinguishing Buying London from its American counterpart. A viewer, taking to X, said:


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A similar opinion was expressed by Reddit user @ossifiedbird, pointing out that even the soundtracks of the two shows are similar to each other.

I’m 3 episodes in and so far it seems to be following the exact formula of Selling Sunset: Slimy boss – ☑️ Beautiful model like agents – ☑️ Manufactured drama – ☑️ Total lack of HR department – ☑️ It’s even got the same background music.

None of them are remotely likeable though and it all seems a lot more depressing when the sun isn’t shining.

Buying London Shows an Insensitive Depiction of Wealth

Another downfall of Buying London has been its insensitive depiction of wealth. Many viewers felt that the show pushed the limits when it came to flaunting wealth, especially given the present economic status of the country and the hardships of the people. Each property the series brings to screens is nothing short of extravagant, boasting many bedrooms, bathrooms, pools, and other ornate furnishings. A viewer on X revealed the feeling that the series has, no doubt, brought a considerable portion of its audience:

A viewer on Reddit, user @Subject_Tour4554, offered a more vehement response to the depiction of wealth in the series. Despite Selling Sunset being based on the same premise as Buying London, the latter has managed to get on the nerves of viewers in a manner that Selling Sunset didn’t.

Buying London
] actually makes me feel so ill i couldn’t watch it. the sheer privilege when half the country is starving. i am not sure why i can stomach selling sunset but not this”


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User @First-Bed-5918 also took to Reddit to express the disproportionate division of wealth that the series ultimately represents. Many shared the sentiment that the manner in which Buying London has chosen to flaunt the uberwealthy and their luxuries is a crass, insensitive way to do so.

As someone who grew up in London, I can’t believe the level of wealth these people live in. I grew up with so much poverty surrounding me. It is scary how out of touch these people are from most of us. There really is a massive class divide.

Buying London Is Out of Touch with Reality

Another of the many reasons based on which Buying London has been faulted is the show’s distance from reality. Ironically, despite being a reality TV series, Buying London does not appear to take into account the current plight of many residents in the UK. As Rebecca Nicholson points out in her review of the series, the country is suffering from a distressing housing conflict, with the wealth gap being considerably large. As per Nicholson, 25% of London’s residents live in poverty, with rents having increased by 10.6% in the span of a year. Audiences appear to share Nicholson’s opinion. Writing on Reddit and referring to Nicholson’s review, @ILive4Banans said:

Honestly, considering the current housing crisis I can’t bring myself to watch it and feel like it was obviously created for an international audience that won’t fully understand why its in bad taste

Also, I actually cackled when I saw The Guardian gave it a 0 star review lmaoo

An X user also offered a local perspective on how far removed the series appears to be from the preferences of Londoners themselves.

Netflix Is Running With the Negativity

Despite the negativity surrounding the series, Netflix appears not to be deterred. In fact, the streamer has taken the scathing feedback in stride, even going the extra mile to convert the negative press into marketing material. Netflix UK & Ireland turned The Guardian‘s zero-star review into a post for their social media, showing their steadfastness in forging ahead with the series.

Although Buying London has attracted a fair share of criticism, not everyone has taken up arms against the series. The show has gained quite a bit of traction in the few days since its release, with a good portion of Selling Sunset fans trickling in to get their glimpse of the show’s British version. Together with establishing a following, Buying London has also claimed a spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 list. Given the show’s fanbase and ranking, Buying London may ultimately follow in the successful footsteps of Selling Sunset despite the backlash it has attracted. Buying London is streaming now on Netflix.

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