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Love Island Star Harriett Blackmore Addresses Public Backlash; Says ‘I Was Trying To…’ FSalinks

Love Island 2024 contestant Harriett Blackmore has spoken out after a viral video circulated on social media only days prior to her entry into the villa. In the video, which was subsequently deleted, Harriett broke up a confrontation amongst a masked man and the person recording it.

A viral video sets tongues wagging

Earlier this week, Love Island introduced its twelve castaways who are geared towards getting love this summer. She caught everyone’s attention online when an old clip resurfaced in which she could be seen intervening in a high-pressure conversation. The man had his face covered and the whole incident was filmed without permission.

According to reports from among others, she told how she could not see that clip since it had gone viral as she did not have her phone with her. Nevertheless, she insists there is ‘nothing’ about that occurrence that warrants any discussion. “If you guys have seen it you can obviously see all I’m trying to do is diffuse the situation,” she clarified, “It was actually one of my really good friends who is in the public eye, he’s a football player. And these fans and, like, people were sort of antagonising him.”


Harriett Blackmore(PC: Instagram)

Harriett explains her side

The guy in the video is apparently her close friend and also plays football. They were having a great evening when fans started taunting him. Recording what someone is doing or putting cameras in their faces doesn’t appeal to fairness for Harriett and his friends either. 

She clarified accurately by saying “just trying to enjoy our night” on what role she played in mediating things between people who were getting too personal with harassment. She added, “There is nothing really to say about that. I was just trying to mediate the situation [and] get them away from him.”

On Monday, June 3, Love Island will begin airing simultaneously on ITV1, ITV2, and ITVX as a multi-channel crossover event.

Harriett Blackmore(PC: Instagram)

New beginnings on Love Island

Recently single at age 24, Harriett wants to start afresh. Participating in Love Island was always something that had been on Harriett’s mind. “That door closed and then this one opened,” she said, “and that’s why I’m here.”

Harriett is one of twelve singles who have joined the show, with hopes of finding love amongst them all. It will be interesting to see what the summer has in store for Harriet and her fellow islanders.

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