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Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8: Kafka To Battle Vice-Captain Hoshina; Release Date, Where To Watch And More FSalinks

Kaiju No. 8 continues to deliver thrilling episodes, and the conclusion of the latest episode sets up an epic stage for Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8 to be one of the most action-packed entries yet.

As Kafka faces off against the Vice-Captain of the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force, fans can only wonder if he will come out of the battle unscathed.

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Kaiju No. 8 [Naoya Matsumoto, Production I.G., Toho Animation, Crunchyroll]

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8: release date and where to watch

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8 is set to premiere on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 11:00 pm JST, which corresponds to an early morning release on the same day around 7:00 am PT / 10:00 am ET / 2:00 pm GMT. It’s worth noting that the exact release time may vary due to differences in time zones.

Internationally, fans can catch Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8 on various platforms including Amazon Prime VideoDisney+Netflix, and Crunchyroll. However, the episode’s availability might vary depending on your location.

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Kaiju No. 8 [Naoya Matsumoto, Production I.G., Toho Animation, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot of Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8 should entail a direct continuation from the climactic standoff between Kafka in his Kaiju form and Vice-Captain Hoshina. Hoshina’s relentless attacks will definitely test Kafka’s abilities and push him to his limits. This encounter may even force Kafka to reveal he is the Kaiju, though how this will play out remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of the battle with Kaiju No. 9 should take place in the background of Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8. Reno and Iharu are both severely injured and will need to recover a little before they can try to vouch for Kafka or ‘Kaiju No. 8.’ Fans can also expect more insights into the broader implications of Kaiju No. 9’s appearance and its ability to infiltrate human society.

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Kaiju No. 8 [Naoya Matsumoto, Production I.G., Toho Animation, Crunchyroll]

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 7 recap

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 7 is titled Kaiju No. 9. The episode begins with a swarm of Yoju advancing towards the Defense Force officers in one sector. In another sector, Reno Ichikawa and Iharu Furuhashi encounter an unusual Monster Sweeper Inc. worker examining a Kaiju corpse.

When Iharu shouts a warning for the worker to leave the area, the figure turns to reveal himself. The odd man suddenly raises a finger and fires a projectile at Iharu, piercing his chest. To their horror, the man transforms into a humanoid Kaiju before their eyes, revealing himself as Kaiju No. 9, the same Kaiju who had bested Shinomiya during the Defense Force exam.

Kaiju No. 9 has blocked communications, preventing any contact with the outside. It declares its intention to capture a live officer for study and fires at Reno, who narrowly dodges the attack after recalling Shinomiya’s warning to watch its fingers for incoming assaults.

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Reno urges Iharu to run for help and Iharu reluctantly takes off. He feels frustrated at always being the one needing protection. Reflecting on his insecurities in Kaiju No. 8 Episode 7, Iharu remembers how quickly Reno has grown as an officer, while he seems to remain stagnant. On the other hand, Reno decides to emulate Kafka’s selflessness, ready to put his life on the line for his comrades.

Reno engages Kaiju No. 9 with his rifle, but the Kaiju effortlessly evades his shots. Just as the situation becomes critical, Iharu reappears, pushing Reno to safety and deciding to stand his ground. He didn’t call for help, but it becomes clear that it wouldn’t have mattered since Kaiju No. 9 has sealed the area completely.

Iharu declares he will support Reno in their fight against the Kaiju. He fires a conductor round, intending to shock Kaiju No. 9, but the Kaiju retaliates, aiming at Iharu. Iharu dodges while Reno activates his combat power, praying for it to be sufficient to defeat the Kaiju in Kaiju No. 8 Episode 7. Reno fires a powerful shot, but Kaiju No. 9 protects itself with a wall of Yoju corpses.

It mocks Reno and launches a barrage of projectiles and all wound Reno. Meanwhile, Vice-Captain Hoshina is informed that they’ve lost the signals from Iharu and Reno’s vitals and comms. Kikoru Shinomiya, hearing the news, rushes towards Kafka, knowing this signifies the presence of Kaiju No. 9.

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At the battle, Reno is severely wounded and collapses. Kaiju No. 9 approaches to capture him, and Iharu desperately prays for help. At that moment, Kafka, in his Kaiju No. 8 form, arrives and punches Kaiju No. 9’s head off. Kafka apologizes to Reno for being late in Kaiju No. 8 Episode 7, but Reno feels devastated, blaming himself for Kafka’s need to transform again.

Kaiju No. 9 regenerates and recognizes Kafka as Kaiju No. 8. It expresses a desire to study Kafka’s powerful body, but Kafka stands ready to fight. The Kaiju fires at Kafka, who blocks the projectiles and retaliates with powerful punches, exposing the Kaiju’s core. Just as Kafka is about to finish it off, other Defense Force officers arrive. The Kaiju takes advantage of the distraction to regenerate and flee, while Kafka also makes his escape.

In a dark alley, Kafka, still in Kaiju form, hopes to have gotten away only to be found by Vice-Captain Hoshina. Hoshina initially attacks with a smile, and Kafka dodges. Hoshina’s eyes then fill with deadly intent, and Kaiju No. 8 Episode 7 concludes with Hoshina removing his suit’s limiter and using 92% of his combat power as he declares he would neutralize Kaiju No. 8.

For more updates on Kafka’s fate against Vice-Captain Hoshina in the Kaiju No. 8 anime, keep up with Pinkvilla.

*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators.

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