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Jon Hamm Thinks Jennifer Aniston Romance on Morning Show Isn’t Over Fsalinks

[This story contains spoilers for The Morning Show.]

After a tumultuous relationship with Jennifer Aniston‘s character on The Morning Show, Jon Hamm isn’t quite ready to give up on the love story between Alex Levy and his tech billionaire Paul Marks.

At the end of season three, after what looked to be a promising romance, the two parted ways as Alex discovers he was blackmailing Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson, and sabotages his deal to buy UBA after uncovering some secrets within his company.

At an Emmys For Your Consideration event for the show on Sunday, Hamm noted that when they started talking about bringing his character into the show, “the discussion was, what does this look like when two very successful, competent, excellent, unprecedented people undo one another? What does that look like? Where are you when you’re after 50 and you’ve done all of the things and what do you want? And how does that represent itself in its messiness and its difficulty and then its excitement and potential?”

He continued, “For want of a better phrase, I don’t think the relationship has run its course yet. It’s unfinished business for sure,” adding that as he emotionally left her apartment at the end of the season, “It’s not fulfilled. There is something there, there has to have been for it to mean that much to both of these people.”

Joined on a panel on the Paramount Studios lot alongside Aniston, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pittman, Tig Notaro, showrunner Charlotte Stoudt and the show’s executive producers, the group mused if that reunion could be in store for season four. “I don’t know, I’m just unemployed,” Hamm joked.

For her part, Aniston told the crowd that she was excited for her romantic storyline this season and the moral dilemmas that came along with it, particularly when Hamm was cast in the role. “Who’s more fun? We had such a good time,” she said, noting, “He really is one of the most committed actors, [the] hardest working actor honestly; you were flying to Calgary and then back to us, without a complaint in the world,” as he shot Fargo at the same time.

On the carpet before the event, Hamm returned the praise, calling Aniston “a dreamboat.”

“There’s a reason that she’s had the career that she’s had: she’s fantastically talented, she’s funny, she’s sexy, she’s all of the things, which is great, but mostly she’s a kind person. I think for being the No. 1 on the call sheet and the lead of the show, she’s a good leader,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “All of those things are I think what makes the show resonate for people and to be able to portray this person who is such an accomplished woman — talking about Alex Levy — it’s inspiring and it’s really fun to play opposite that and to bask in that kind of glow.”

Elsewhere in the FYC conversation, Aniston also discussed her dynamic with Witherspoon — who was not in attendance at the event — on the show, explaining, “We’re family for sure. We love to hate each other, we love to love each other and I think that’s sort of a really fun dynamic that Reese and I get to play.”

And as season four begins shooting later this summer, with Bradley having turned herself into the FBI at the end of last season, Aniston added, “Of course we would like to be together forever but we really don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

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