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Jimmy Kimmel Continues His Donald Trump Beef, Rewriting Monologue for Trial Verdict Roast FSalinks


  • Jimmy Kimmel roasted Donald Trump’s guilty verdict, taking aim at his downfall and future potential sentence.
  • Trump’s trial drew a massive audience, with Kimmel quick to rewrite his monologue to address the verdict.
  • Kimmel and Trump have a history of spats, with the late-night host fact-checking and roasting the former president.

Among the many reactions to Donald Trump being found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his New York criminal hush money trial, one person who was fully charged and ready to roast the former president was Jimmy Kimmel. The late night host has had beef with Trump for several months, particularly following his presenting stint at this year’s Oscars led to Trump attacking Kimmel on his Truth Social platform.

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Kicking off his latest show, Kimmel used his opening monologue to take a well-aimed shot at Trump’s downfall, making sure to note the historically unprecedented turn of events that have resulted in Trump becoming the only current or former President of the United States to be convicted. Kimmel said:

“We have a verdict in the case of the People versus OJ — I mean, DJ. After seven long weeks, the courtroom is empty, and Donald Trump’s diaper is full.”

The conclusion of Trump’s trial drew a huge audience on live-video platforms, with millions witnessing Trump leave the court and go on a full offensive, denouncing the trial as being rigged, and the judge a criminal. For Kimmel, the chance to roast Trump almost didn’t happen, as it was not believed that the trial jury would reach their verdict until Friday, so the talk show host had to very quickly rewrite his monologue to address the situation.

Kimmel speculated on Trump’s potential sentence, which is set to be revealed in a hearing on July 11 – for now, anyway – and pondered on the possibility of Trump being committed to performing community service to pay for his crimes.

“Imagine Trump with a Hefty bag, picking up ketchup packets with one of those grabber pole things.”

Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump Have Had Frequent Spats

Donald Trump raging and Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel’s recent exchanges with Trump have been heated to say the least, starting with Trump’s criticism of Kimmel as host of the 2024 Oscars. During the live ceremony, Kimmel actually read out a post that Trump shared on his Truth Social platform, which obviously instigated retaliation from The Apprentice star.

When Trump criticized Kimmel over his presentation of the best picture award at the Oscars, a role actually performed by Al Pacino, Kimmel used his show to fact-check Trump’s inaccuracies, clarifying:

“The person who presented the award (for best picture) was Al Pacino, not me. We are different people.”


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On the same show, Kimmel questioned the ability for Trump to be a viable future president, suggesting that he was possibly suffering the same kind of memory challenges that Trump has frequently accused his potential rival Joe Biden of having. Although Trump never seems to be short of words, he remained mostly silent on the subject following Kimmel’s take-down. Whether he will feel the need to respond to his latest roasting is yet to be seen, but with an appeal to focus on, it is clear that he may have more pressing matters to attend to in the near future.

With Trump’s sentencing to come, there will be plenty more comical takes on the whole debacle to come from the world of late night television, and Kimmel will be there leading the charge all the way.

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