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With February 2024 being a leap year, we had a bit of extra time last month to cultivate a huge episode of the UK Film Club podcast, part of the UK Film Review Podcast series.

Each month, myself and fellow film critic Brian Penn review the latest:

  • Cinematic Releases: films that are at (or will be) showing in UK cinemas

  • Streaming Pick: a new film available on a streaming platform like Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+

  • Indie Films: reviews of feature and short films made by independent filmmakers who submit them to us for review via our website (click the Get Reviewed button if you would like more details)

  • Nostalgia Pick: a film from the past that we revisit (or watch for the first time because everyone tells us to)

The movies released in February 2024 (or just before) gave us an incredible selection to cover in this month’s film podcast episode. Being BAFTA and Oscars season, filmmakers releasing movies in this period tend to give us some real gems.

In Episode 12 of UK Film Club, the cinematic films we reviewed included:

  • Banel & Adama: a powerful and expertly crafted drama that explores the expectations of youth in a remote village. With incredible performances and a gothic undertone, it’s a terrific film to catch.

  • The Colour Purple: a musical version of the story, released in 2023 and one that Brian very much enjoyed. In the podcast episode, we play a clip from the film that is sure to get you excited about it.

  • Argylle: Brian called this a fun filler whilst we wait for another James Bond film and from the clip we played starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell, listeners will be intrigued about the fun time the film offers.

  • Poor Things: doing well at the awards, Brian wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. He liked the film but “…not that much”. I am still very excited to see it once I finally get done with all this article-writing malarkey.

  • Priscilla: another Elvis movie to gorge on and this has a fantastic cast to boot. A lack of songs from The King but still a great soundtrack according to Brian, and one to see on the big screen for sure.

The final February 2024 cinematic release we reviewed in Episode 12 of UK Film Club was a new movie directed by none other than George Clooney, aka the Best Batman (I’m joking, calm down). A Sports Biography film set in the 1930s, Brian Penn chose this as his coveted Film of the Month!

The Boys in the Boat - UK Film Club Film of the Month February 2024
The Boys in the Boat – UK Film Club Film of the Month February 2024

The film, The Boys in the Boat, stars Joel Edgerton, Callum Turner and Peter Guinness and is currently available in cinemas. It’s a story many will not be familiar with, even Brian was chastising himself for not being aware of this Depression-era rowing story and do let us know what you think about it by commenting on our social posts about Episode 12 of the UK Film Club podcast.

Episode 12 of UK Film Club also saw a review of the new Turkish film on Netflix called Ashes. I enjoyed this a lot more than other people, it seems. With an average score of 4.2 on IMDb, I hope people aren’t put off from seeing this intriguing drama about a woman in a failing relationship having a fire lit underneath her when she discovers a compelling book based on characters living in a nearby town.

Our indie film review section was jam-packed this month on the film podcast too. We reviewed 3 indie feature films: Tyger, Settling Down, and Suit Hung. Tied Tongue – all of which had incredible strengths. We also reviewed a compelling short film about toxic masculinity called The Lost Weekend. You can find reviews of all these indie films on our website too.

If you would like to hear what Brian said about the film in the episode you can listen below, or use the links after the player to head to your chosen Podcast Platform.

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