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Gaby Hoffmann on Why She’s ‘Annoyed’ With On-Screen Nudity Discourse Fsalinks

Gaby Hoffmann has learned a lot about herself over the years, having grown up as a child actor and eventually leaving the industry only to return years later.

The Emmy-nominated actress recently opened up to The Independent about her comfort with nude scenes in movies and TV shows as well as the surrounding discourse compared to violence on screen.

“I’ve always been very comfortable being naked. So long as a woman is not being made to feel uncomfortable or isn’t being exploited, it shouldn’t be a big deal,” Hoffmann said. “I’m always shocked that nudity is such a big topic when it seems like in every other film someone gets their head blown off. Do we really need to talk about tits and vaginas? Let’s talk about AK47s, pistols, and the kind of absolutely revolting violence that is not just normal, but expected.”

She continued, “I mean, I can barely watch somebody get punched, but a breast? That’s beautiful.”

While the Eric actress stepped away from acting to attend college, she returned with a newfound vulnerability that she wanted to bring to the characters she portrayed. With roles in Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, Girls and Transparent, she showed her openness with nude scenes, even if it caused a stir amongst viewers.

While reflecting on her past choices throughout her career as well as sharing her thoughts on the future, Hoffmann never shied away from speaking her truth.

“If acting is part of my future then that’s wonderful — but I’m certainly not attached to that or sure about it,” she said. “I still sort of wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up.”


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