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Cinerama (Music Video) Short Film Review Fsalinks

Cinerama is a short music video created by Matt Fulks also known as the Mad Fox. It is a short rap video, however, its also a great trivia game in terms of how many movie references you can spot in 3 minutes and 47 seconds. This video is crammed with fantastic edits of classic movies from Psycho, The Shining, North by Northwest to James Bond, Happy Gilmore, Pulp Fiction and so many more. However, this is not a video that does things by halves as a lot of detail is put into each movie reference, and there are a lot!

The imagination and creativity within this short video are at a high level. It was great to see some classic films being included as well. The video begins in a cinema and there are numerous short clips of famous scenes from movies we all love. Combined with the lyrics, the video fit in perfectly with the scenes, and is jam packed with references, it was hard to keep track of them all. What worked well was the level of detail, it’s clear that a green screen was not used to portray the reimagining of all these scenes (apart from E.T flying past the moon!) instead a lot of hard work and effort is put into this piece and Cinerama certainly reflects that dedication to the project. This is certainly a challenging video, as not only does the song and lyrics need to come across powerful and engaging but also our protagonist needs to remain in character for a bunch of different roles. Essentially Cinerama is multiple videos wrapped into one which is a difficult concept to pull off, however, the transitions between each scene are seamless.

I really enjoyed seeing some oldies but goldies in there, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s classics, however, the overall vibe of the video is young, fresh, and appealing to people of all ages by mixing old with the new. It did feel as though we were bombarded with a lot of scenes, and it would have been great to see these cutaways for a longer length of time to really appreciate the amount of work and detail in each scene, understandably with 30 different movie references it can become overwhelming! However, this is not a negative it just would have been great for the audience to really admire and take in each scene.

Cinerama was attention grabbing, creative and energetic. I would love to see more of Matt Fulks innovative projects as well as see this creativity develop further with his love of music and cinema, this can pave the way for any artist to reflect this passion within their work.

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