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A Peek Into Maroon 5’s Adam Levine’s Life With Behati Prinsloo And Their Adorable Children FSalinks

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are well-known for their successful music and modeling careers, as well as their growing and loving family as per PEOPLE. Here’s a look at their lives as parents of three wonderful children. 

Who is Adam Levine married to? 

Adam Levine, the frontman of Maroon 5, is married to Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, who is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. Their relationship has gained attention not only because of their celebrity status but also because of their dedication to family life. Despite facing a number of challenges, including public scrutiny and personal issues, Adam and Behati have remained committed to their family. 

When did Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo get married? 

Adam and Behati married in 2014, ushering in their new life together. They’ve frequently expressed their desire for a large family over the years. Adam once joked in 2014 that he wanted to have 100 kids, and Behati echoed a similar sentiment in a 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight, expressing their desire for a large family while leaving it to fate. 


Adam Levine’s kids 

Adam and Behati are the proud parents of three children: Dusty Rose and Gio Grace, as well as a son born in January 2023. 

Dusty Rose, 7 

Dusty Rose, their first daughter, was born on September 21, 2016. The couple was clearly excited about becoming parents for the first time. Adam openly expressed his mix of excitement and trepidation prior to Dusty’s birth, describing a sense of beautiful chaos as he adjusted to fatherhood. 

Dusty has made several appearances on her parents’ social media accounts, usually with her face covered for privacy. She even appeared in Maroon 5’s Girls Like You music video, alongside her mother. Dusty is described as Gio Grace’s loving big sister, often expressing her affection in adorable ways. 

Gio Grace, 6 

Their second daughter, Gio Grace, was born on February 15, 2018. Behati announced her pregnancy in September 2017 via a playful Instagram post. Gio has been a wonderful addition to their family, celebrated with themed birthday parties and heartfelt posts from her parents. Adam has noted that Gio developed an early interest in music, possibly following in his footsteps. Meanwhile, Dusty has taken on the role of manager, based on Adam’s playful remarks. 

Their son, 1 

The couple had their third child, a son, in January 2023. The announcement brought joy to their family. Although his name has not been made public, Behati has shared photos of their baby boy on social media. The family’s life with their new son has been documented in moments shared online, including a music video for Maroon 5’s Middle Ground released in May 2023 that depicts their home life. 

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